Talking College Study Guide

Welcome to the Talking College Study Guide page! Here, you will find a companion text to the Talking College book. For each of the five chapters in Talking College, there is a corresponding chapter in this study guide with sections that include:

  • Key Scholars/Writers/Activists Referenced
  • Key Geographic Areas Referenced
  • Vocabulary Spotlight
  • Meet the Talking College Book & Study Guide Contributors
  • Reflection Questions
  • Action Steps
  • Key Events
  • Related Resources

The audience for the Talking College Study Guide is both students and educators, as it provides scaffolding and learning activities that can be completed independently or for coursework. We imagine that readers will use the guide flexibly, according to their specific educational goals. Below, you will find the Talking College Study Guide available in three formats: a Google doc, a Microsoft Word file (ADA Compliant), and an Adobe PDF (ADA Compliant).

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